CSC76 Series Chassis
This project was just started on December 10, 2001


Our new CSC76 Series Chassis is the only complete coil spring chassis available in the Jeep aftermarket. And it is a performance product that will not be equaled. Unlike other products the CSC Series is not a patch-on-kit. And there is no welding involved if all other parts are stock.

ADJUSTABLE front and rear Eibach coils mean you won't have to buy new coils or lifter shocks when adding a rack, winch, or mother-in-law.

ADJUSTABLE articulation means you can make it looser or tighter as the trail dictates.

The MATKINS CONTROL SYSTEM features Bilstein 9100 Series coil over shocks with remote reservoirs in front, Bilstein 6100's in back, and Watts linkages on both ends. Quick disconnects for the stock sway bar and an available RES Sway bar make this tiger stay right where you put it. Dual sway bars are provided for Jeeps made prior to 1976, and if you have a newer Jeep without the sway bar, we can provide one that provides more control than the stock one did anyways.

WHAT ABOUT FLEX? While other companies won't even publish their ADA numbers, we confidently guarantee a minimum axle deflection angle of 22.5 degrees EVEN on a CJ5!!! A few mods and you will be over 30 degrees. Call us and we'll help you figure what our suspension sill ramp with your wheels and tires. And we deal in guaranteed minimums, not up-to's.

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